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Teaching American History Grant Programs

IndianRoll on Columbia - Year Three 

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Northeast Washington ESD 101 in partnership with Eastern Washington University, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, and the Central Valley School District are beginning our third year of a Teaching American History Grant entitled Roll on Columbia. The first year we explored our nation’s beginning and the beginning of the migration westward. The second year we focused on the Louisiana Purchase, the fur trade, and the westward migration from the Mississippi. In this final year, we will look at events in history between 1890 and the present day. We will certainly take a look at the beginning of the aeronautics industry in Washington State, the development of nuclear power, as well as war issues such as the internment of the Japanese during World War II.

We are looking for 25 very committed educators who would like to enrich their knowledge of American history and Northwest history. If chosen to participate, you will attend a fall and spring seminar as well as attend a five-day summer institute. There will be additional workshops and lectures throughout the year. Participants will be provided study materials prior to each workshop. Between workshops participants will continue to work together via the internet. Each workshop will combine stories, lectures, discussions and models of effective materials, integrated material design, historical photographs and documents, presentation methods, computer-based mapping and the use of archives. Museum specialists and educators will jointly provide the class instruction.

Each participant will receive:

    • $1000 stipend (paid over the course of the program)
    • Paid tuition for a 10-credit EWU course
    • EWU graduate credits (10) for coursework
    • Texts and other materials associated with the grant
    • $500 mini-grant to assist in creating multimedia history resources and curriculum unit
    • Summer institute including the study of regional history and local artifacts.

Please consider applying to participate in this incredible opportunity!


IndianRoll on Columbia - Year Two  Program Brochure
Forge of Freedom, the Tumultuous Nineteenth-Century

The second-year theme will bring history home, showing the direct connections between national developments such as the Louisiana Purchase and the Homestead Act and the development of the Northwest. National events will be taught side-by-side with important regional events such as the establishment of fur trading post and missions, Indian wars, and the development of mining and labor strife.

Freedom Moves West - Ideas and Documents

coachThe third-year theme will introduce teachers to the important ideas and documents of American history, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution-that established a radical experiment in liberty and representative government in the late 18th century.